Alcatel OT-983 rooting instructions

Here is how to root Alcatel OneTouch 983:

Download and extract it to a folder

1. Go to Settings – Applications – Development – Enable Usb Debugging
2. Install adb drivers from Driver1 or Driver2 folder, I have tested it on xp/7 32bit and it works.
3. Copy to /sdcard
4. run RebootToRecovery.cmd (or type “adb reboot recovery” from command prompt from adb directory)
5. install from recovery and then reboot to check.

It worked for me but there was a minor problem after I updated su/superuser (from PlayStore) AND then done Factory Reset (from Settings – Privacy) the superuser program was not working but it was no longer rooted.

Here is how I managed to get the root back:
After the factory reset (data wipe) I had to update the superuser using Play Store and from the updated Superuser application choose OTA survival option to get the root back.

Please note: I take no responsibility for any damage done to your phone as a result of following these steps.

Install Unsigned Applications on Symbian Mobile

This has been tested successfully on Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia 6120 Classic.

1. Download required files from here
2. Copy “installserver.exe” to Phone Memory (C:Data)
3. Install “HelloCarbide.sisx”
4. install “x-plore”
5. Open X-plore (leave x-plore running, press menu to go to main menu)
6. Open “HelloCarbide”
7. Go to Options > Menu1 and click Yes
8. swith to x-plore (press and hold menu key and choose x-plore)
9. Go to Menu > Tools > Configuration and tick “Show system files/folders”
10. Locate “installserver.exe” from Phone Memory (C:Data) and click Menu > Edit > Move and go to C:sysbin folder and click ok to move the file.
11. Restart the phone

Install Unsigned Applications on Symbian Mobile

Note: Always make a backup of your phone before you do this.